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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Speaking of plagues, today Charmin -- pardon, METRO announced it's started a 9-11 site. This pretty well says the days leading to the anniversary will be all twaddle, with a kind of condescending fake patriotism at best, and worst, PARTISANS having another excuse for food fights, the right claiming the date as its exclusive holiday, the left less interested in remembering than in ISLAMOPHOBIA. And let us not forget the TASTEFUL efforts to monetize it! Even with Osama's long overdue demise there's little to say about 9-11 we haven't said already. A confident nation would march on to new adventures but ours is in a long-term swoon and can't say anything patriotic without being Lee Greenwood, or afraid. The way to remember the date is not through twaddle, but by being silent, and praying, and remembering, and always remembering we can never let our guard down. As for us, we'll mark the day with a simple photographic post, as that's all we need.

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