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Sunday, August 07, 2011

WE -- that is to say, the USAOKAY!!!!! we -- are supposed to join in in the Lucille Ball worship. I can't; she never struck me as that pretty (I think it's the eyebrows; she had a good face otherwise), she had a duck-like voice, she plainly adored Chaplin, and she starred in a sitcom that wasn't that funny, but came at just the right time and thus defined its age. That the state press is pulling this gag is part of it; nor does it help when she's been worshiped by G000,000,000,000,000GLE, and as this blogger hints (caveat: it's EMMETT KELLY'S) here's yet another reason people have come to loathe the Miracle of Mountain View, which at its best is PC sanctimonious and at its worst hypocritical, and which seems to aim for universal domination whatever its mood.

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