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Friday, September 02, 2011

A dreadful juxtaposition from I Want Media:

There's no proof raising prices or shuttering bureaus will make the product better; they only add to the confluence of problems making it worse. But midst the footstomping banshee-screaming campaigning now starting to waft from our "news" organs we will only root for more disasters, which means in time a news system that functions well for no one.

Speaking of Lord Gods, we wonder if FREE EN-TER-PRISE will work with space exploration when you have five hundred NASAs run by five hundred Wernher von Brauns, all making a mark on HISSSSSSS-TORY, and most of whom will merely add to our accretion of space junk.

When Meghan DeTore got a Chinese symbol tattooed on her ankle, it made her feel like part of the in crowd in college. But a few years after graduation, it triggered a different emotion: embarrassment.

“It was supposed to symbolize a warrior and a scholar,’’ said DeTore, 31, the marketing director for a Boston investment firm, “but who knows what it really meant. A Chinese-speaking friend later told me the closest translation was ‘mud pie.’ ’’

We certainly will not make fun of this lady: she got that tattoo off, though it cost only 45 times what it cost to put it on.

“At work, I’m the poster child for not getting a tattoo,’’ she said. “One of my colleagues has told her children all about me.’’

Good! And with luck they'll be spared the trauma of having an ugly blue blotch expand with their waistlines.

If the Lord God wanted people with blue skin He'd have made them.

So -- Eva Peron, whose husband helped Eichmann and Mengele escape justice, sequestered treasures stolen from Jews.

I don't feel the least sorry for LORD LLOUD WUBBISH, who turned Eva into something of a heroine, and who is preparing another theme park of His masterwork. Certainly it will be harder to sing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" without -- irony.



Hey Eddie! EDDIE! HERE's a civic center! Remember: Build them ugly buildings and they will come!

I know, we're supposed to get all RIP-ROARIN' EXCITED about the start of the PROFESSIONAL KOLLEDGE FOOTBALL SEASON -- so am I the only person with no appetite, one that will not be awakened by any screaming of sports hacks obsessing over their PROFIT CENTERS? It's not a question of how many teams have GAMED the rules, it's by how much. When both teams in this ENORMOUS event share an, uh, agent that says the rot is pretty well universal. Mercenaries, more mercenaries, agents for mercenaries, millionaires and bums and unpaid millionaire bums taste about alike to me.

Speaking further of the superrich, we recall the ending to the 1930 Kaufman and Hart comedy Once in a Lifetime (which is pretty fair despite its age -- or the ending): George Lewis, a fool who has become a superproducer in Hollywood thanks to his supreme incompetence (sound familiar?), decides on a whim to buy two thousand "aeroplanes" -- whereupon his nominal boss the studio mogul Glogauer (read Jack Warner) bursts in and congratulates George for his "genius" (that word materializes quite often in this play) -- because no one else can make any "aeroplane" pictures! That scene popped up in beholding the superproducer Joe Roth and his "genius" at Revolution Studios. He is a modern-day George Lewis; he doesn't need "aeroplanes" when he can buy tons of turkeys. He is immortal alone for Gheeley -- er, Giggly -- er, Gigi? -- GIGLI, but anyone who's produced as many stinkers as Joe solely to spend money should attract lawyers the way movies attract flies. That he has since redeemed himself does not mean he has left his inner George behind; with luck it will give him new confidence to buy yet another batch of turkeys.

Speaking of the superrich, they must be doing something right:

U.S. adds zero jobs

Something -- anything?

This remarkable piece by Noemie Emery shows why our ruling superiors won't be back in our good graces soon. Many are entitled, and they are arrogant. And they are worse than anything in the Gilded Age because some of Boss Tweed's ill-gotten wealth flowed back to the people. And still worse they have no shame. Dennis the Menace thinks he's still a "viable" candidate for president when the only white house he's "viable" for is a dog house.

And we'd go one step further: any candidate who spends zillions on TV ads to proclaim he's fiscally responsible is not worthy of office -- PERIOD.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Report says Vancouver cops not ready

Further surprise:

Adding to the city's embarrassment is the fact that police have not yet charged anyone in connection with the riots. Police Chief Jim Chu said police are still identifying people from video and photographs.

We guess the Canadians really don't want to charge anybody because it wouldn't be PC. Eh?

DOW 36,000 (haven't mentioned him in a while, have we!) says The Real Way to Increase Infrastructure Jobs is to let AT&T gobble up T-Mobile, meaning HE hasn't a clue either.

His Incompetence's idea of CAPITALISM:

A company that served as a showcase for the Obama administration’s effort to create jobs in clean technology shut down Wednesday, leaving 1,100 people out of work and taxpayers obligated for $535 million in federal loans.

Solyndra, a California solar panel maker, had long been an administration favorite. Over the past two years, President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu each had made congratulatory visits to the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

We were about to day "the best laid plans of mice" but His Incompetence's crew doesn't qualify.

P. S. from a scant two years ago:

Following the announcement that the loan guarantee has just closed, Vice President Biden said, “These are jobs that won’t be exported.”

We guess not!

The Governor [you know which governor THAT is] brought out his one liner: “Hasta la vista to global warming.” He’s calling today a “big celebration” and an example of how to protect jobs and help both the environment and the economy. Referring to the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. factory that Toyota just announced it will be closing in spite of the state’s financial incentive offerings, Schwarzenegger said having the Solyndra plant located in Fremont is a point of pride for him, because “the city is still stinging from losing NUMMI jobs.” The Governor is pushing for state legislators to pass Assembly Bill 1111, which would exempt new manufacturing equipment for cleantech companies from sales tax.

You still looking for a job, Hasta?

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