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Friday, September 02, 2011

When Meghan DeTore got a Chinese symbol tattooed on her ankle, it made her feel like part of the in crowd in college. But a few years after graduation, it triggered a different emotion: embarrassment.

“It was supposed to symbolize a warrior and a scholar,’’ said DeTore, 31, the marketing director for a Boston investment firm, “but who knows what it really meant. A Chinese-speaking friend later told me the closest translation was ‘mud pie.’ ’’

We certainly will not make fun of this lady: she got that tattoo off, though it cost only 45 times what it cost to put it on.

“At work, I’m the poster child for not getting a tattoo,’’ she said. “One of my colleagues has told her children all about me.’’

Good! And with luck they'll be spared the trauma of having an ugly blue blotch expand with their waistlines.

If the Lord God wanted people with blue skin He'd have made them.

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